A few changes in your life (eating, sitting and thinking habits) can make you healthy and fit. You can make yourselves less dependent on medicines and more confident on yourselves. And your healthy life is necessary for a healthy environment. Swasth means he who is satisfied in his inner conscience and who is well and in good state. So follow these rules for a healthy mind and body :

  • Wake up before sunrise (at least half an hour before sunrise). This time is perfect to detoxify yourselves through your daily routine. Use a traditional Indian toilet to freshen up and then clean your teeth with a toothpowder(manjan). Use brush twice or thrice a week.
  • Get ready for some sweating exercise. If you really can't do Yog, you should run/jog for at least 5 km a day. Gradually increase your stamina and workout from 2-8 km a day. For Yogis they should practice kapalbhati(half an hr.), anulom-vilom(1 hr.), bhastrika(5mins), udgeet, bhramri, at least 12 asans and dhyan. Increase your time for each pranayaam gradually under a good teacher. This workout will digest your undigested food and fat. It detoxifies your body through sweat and breathing patterns.
  • Don't use soaps and shampoos for bathing. Use lassi, multani mitti, a body scrubber, milk, lemon juice in your bathing water, besan as body cleaner. Use reetha, amla juice, lassi, gomutra to clean your hair.
  • Have your breakfast before 8 am, lunch between 10am-12pm and dinner before 8 pm. At these timings your body's digestive system is active and so your food is digested properly.
  • Always drink some water with your meals and there's a proper way to do that. Eat 2-3 bites of food and then take a sip of water(not cold but can be warm in winters) and then again have 2-3 bits of food and then again sip water. In this way you should drink 250ml-400ml of water. This promotes digestion. You can add ginger, garlic, onion, lemon or a pinch of black salt to this water for a healthy body metabolism. This habit of drinking water between meals will reduce your diseases to a great extent.
  • Take time to eat your meals. Don't just swallow. Chew it well until it forms a liquid. Ideally you should take 30 to 45 mins to have your meal. After all eating is for living.
  • Drink 4 litres of water daily. You should take 250ml of water at a time. Have a glass of water after 1.5 hours of having your meal or 40 mins before it and in between as said before.
  • Your daily antibiotics, antiviral, antibacterial dose comes from onion, garlic and ginger. Use it in salad or make chutney or add its juice in water while having your meals. People generally fry these three which is a wrong way to consume it. When taken raw it helps in curing all diseases. Even cancer!
  • Check out your rotis. Don't just use wheat to make roti. Add jowar, barley(jau), bajra, til, moong , chana, ajwayan etc. to it. Multi-grain atta cures mineral deficiency and improves digestion. Never sieve this atta and always grind these grains a bit coarser than usual fine texture.
  • The outer covering (chilka and choker) has the most vital nutrients. It helps in digesting the inner part of that grain or vegetable/fruits so don't sieve your atta to keep intact the choker. Also avoid peeling radish, carrots, bitter gourd, cucumber etc.
  • Avoid these: refined oil, iodised/refined salt, mill made white-sugar, fine atta, sleeping late at night, sleeping for more than 6-8 hrs, allopathic medicines, drinking/eating while standing, unnecessary thinking, mineral oils for hair, perfumes and powder with chemicals, aluminium and plastic utensils, ACs and coolers.
  • Adapt these : honey, Desi Cow ghee/milk/curd/gomutra, gud, shakkar, khand, rock/black salt, raw/filtered oil for cooking and as hair oil, naturally grown food, sleeping around 10pm, washing your eyes and mouth regularly.
  • Use natural remedies for illness and fever. The most common can be found in your kitchen and your surroundings example - haldi, ginger, garlic ,onion, cloves, lemon, honey, tulsi, black pepper, fenugreek, mishri, neem, giloy, alovera etc.

So try to incorporate these rules in your daily life and see the difference in you and your environment. And if you have any question or doubt regarding these rules, I am available for a chat on facebook or just mail me.