Every morning when you get up from your bed, do your daily routine and use some dozens of things that makes your life go easy and faster, do you stop at some point and give yourselves some time to think about what are you taking from nature and what are you giving back to it? "As you sow so shall you reap". Are you nurturing nature so that in return nature is providing you resources that are pure and healthy. If not, then we all are heading towards a catastrophe. And for all those who think that all this is illogical and impractical then please refer to Action-Reaction theory 😜

॥ पुंसः पुंसा पुंसे प्रकृतिः विशुद्धनीय ||

This means that human nature, things created by human from nature and natural resources for humans should be pure and pristine. Keeping this in mind here are some things that you can change in your lifestyle to help in protecting yourself and our environment:

  1. Yog plays an important part in protecting the above 3 forms of nature. It reduces our dependency on materialistic things and gives us sense of what to adopt and what to discard.

  2. Watch out for soaping agents. They are nature's foe. Try to avoid all soap based cleaners. They contain SLS which are harmful for body and environment. There are many ways to clean your body. You can use multani mitti, lassi (buttermilk), a rough cotton khadi cloth, besan, a lemon or a pinch of rock salt or gomutra in bathing water to clean your body. Use reetha, lassi, Multani mitti and gomutra to clean your hair. Use a tooth powder or tree twigs (daatun) to clean your teeth every morning. You can make your own tooth powder by mixing turmeric, rock salt and mustard oil.

  3. Opt for naturally made items over factory processed items. E.g. use khadi clothes instead of synthetic ones. Avoid packaged food items which contain preservatives, chemicals and artificial colours. Buy food that is naturally grown in which no urea and pesticides is added while growing them. Try to use raw material as much as possible and process them at your home. Make yourself dependent on natural things to increase its demand in market which ultimately help that natural thing sustain.

  4. Try to use Natural and Ayurvedic based formulations for disinfection and cleaning purposes. You can use gomutra and neem based soaps and phenyls for body and floor cleaning. Also try to avoid allopathic medicines. Antibiotics and other chemicals enter the food chain and make diseases causing microorganisms resistant.

  5. Growing flowering plants in your balcony or terrace promotes bees and other pollinating flies which are essential part of environment. Cover its top soil with kitchen waste (vegetable and fruit peels) to avoid excessive evaporation. This also helps in tackling waste disposal problem. Water your plants with RO waste water.

  6. Plant at least one tree in your locality or in your village. A single tree can reduce your load on nature.

  7. Respect every form of energy and Gau Mata is the ultimate source of energy.

Make Environment Happy :)