It has been nearly one year now since I really started working on ground level to save the nature. From the past year I have seen how other farmers produce(can’t use the word nurture) their crop. To what level they go every season to get surplus yield. It feels like farming has become an industrial activity which pollutes land, air, water and soil like any other commercial industry. If we were to assess the carbon footprint of the ongoing farming techniques it would definitely be horrible and CPCB might ban the activity under pollution act :P But its a matter of food and so no one can’t do it. Farming today releases greenhouse gases, pollutes soil with non-biodegradable chemicals, requires surplus amount of water, pollutes air with pesticides and weedicides, kills bigger, smaller and micro organisms (which helps in improving air and soil quality) and at last makes us sick with unhealthy food.

We get angry when our milkman or a reputed dairy company sells us adulterated milk with urea, shampoo, refined oil or simply water. But we feel okay when we eat adulterated cereal, grains and vegetables. We don’t even bother to think how it is grown and what level of cruelty is done to earth to grow these. Then we end up having medicines for thyroid, B.P., diabetes, antibiotics etc.

The past season when we grew our rice, we tackled heavy storms and rains at the time of harvesting the crop. It’s after-effect were sad and happy at the same time. Sad part was that, the other farmers who grew their crop with urea and DAP had to face huge loss since their crop fell in the storm. And the happy part was that our paddy (rice) was standing straight and firm! Same thing happened while growing wheat this year. And this incidence made my faith on cow and earth stronger. I realised what quality of food these two can provide us if we care them like our own mother. Its a very simple thing to think about - Urea grown crop couldn’t even stand in strong winds and rain, then what nutrition can it provide us when we eat it regularly? Natural farming can tolerate drought, winds and excess water and same is applicable for the one who consume it. Food produced from natural farming have higher amount of antioxidants, vitamins, fibre etc. Leave all this scientific stuff, it’s got better taste :)

Urea and other fertilizers tend to weaken the roots in the soil. The plants and grains grow as hollow pipes. They have no strength within. The seeds (grains) of plants weigh less, indicative of its lesser nutrition quantity. While plants grown naturally have deeper and wider roots and gives heavier grains.

This season while growing moong (green gram), the farmers had already sprayed pesticides 2-3 times on their 8-10 days old crops due to a leaf eating bug. I even saw a pesticide bottle on which it was written - "burn the bottle after use". Imagine they spray that on their plants. Horrible...

Well, finally we have pure rice and wheat in our home and this time even our cows are eating naturally grown dry fodder (bhusa), wheat and rice daliya. Healthy cows happy cows. Maaaa...

Some clicks from the farm this zaid season:-