Ayurveda describes that all the nutrients of cereals, grains, fruits and vegetables are present in the outermost covering and hence these rice are the healthiest of all the rice. These are unpolished and so the intact bran gives you wholesome nutrients. They are easily digestible and are good for diabetic, cardiac patients and small children. They are high in fiber and good for people going to gym to reduce their weight.

Directions to use

To cook Brown rice wash them well with water in a container and remove any floating piece of husk (if any). Soak them for 1 hr before cooking .For best results use a open container to cook these rice instead of pressure cooker. Taker four times the amount of water than the rice and cook for 25-30 minutes. After cooking use a lid to cover the rice and keep it for 5 minutes. Ready to eat.

Tastes best with Ghee and Bura(Castor sugar) or make a healthy khichidi.